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Welcome to Spell

Your data-logistics company from Karlsruhe for the mass processing of electronic data and documents.

We have developed high-performance and flexible products and processes for the automatic processing of existing and new data. Our customised solutions are used for the synchronisation of differing data-storage systems, the process-specific further processing of data right through to individual archive migration.

Data Logistics Services

Our solutions provide support to IT service providers, archive-software engineers and end users in equal measure.


Spell GmbH boasts long years of experience in the realization of data, document and media-migration projects in DMS environments and during that time has transferred documents and data from a wide range of different source-archive systems into various destination-archive systems.
Since 2002, Spell has completed more than 70 projects and migrated over 68 TB and 2.1 billion documents.
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Example Solutions

Both our archive-migration solutions and configurations for the automated mass processing of data with moreen can be customised and expanded in a variety of ways.
Do you have special requirements or use proprietary formats or software?
Please contact us and we shall offer you the appropriate solution.

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moreen Hotline:
+49 - 721 - 46 47 08 - 26
Migration Hotline:
+49 - 721 - 46 47 08 - 45
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With moreen we offer you a modular, platform-independent solution for the processing of your daily data and document flows.